Increase the chance to win the jackpot on shortlinks contest.

We developed a new system for shortlinks contest.
You can earn maximum +10 points for the banner clicks.
The system will register your clicks. 
More click more chance to get double points.
Click any banner on "visit shortlinks page" 
and leave it open at least 5 sec.
Not necessary watch the destination webpage. 
You can continue click the shortlinks.
The system will give randomly double points instead of one point.
Warning : Not in each shortlink visit!
We tested the system and worked well.
If you think you've found a bug in this new system then it is important to report it to us so that it can get fixed immediately.
Example : Your reward is more then +10points.
Any suggestion are welcomed.


Views: 2,659 | Comments: 6 | Date: 05 Feb 2020 14:56